Koi Varieties


Kikusui (kee coo' swee) are a scale-less version of a Hariwake.  Look for one with a nice Kohaku pattern that has nice sharp edges and very white skin.  A Kikusui's pattern is judged the same way as a Kohaku's is.

Doitsu Platinum Koi with a Hi pattern, means "a Chrysanthemum in water", is the same as a Doitsu Hariwake with red markings or a metallic Doitsu Kohaku

Koi Breeders
There are no breeder profiles available for Koi Breeders that produce Kikusuis at this time.

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Koi & Pond Tip of the Day
May 6th, 2016
Draining a pond with green water is not a solution to an algae problem. A pond needs to develop into an ecosystem to create the best balance for long-term success. Draining the pond starts the pond over, delaying this process. The green water would return in a matter of days after the cleaning.
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