Koi Varieties


Kikusui (kee coo' swee) are a scale-less version of a Hariwake.  Look for one with a nice Kohaku pattern that has nice sharp edges and very white skin.  A Kikusui's pattern is judged the same way as a Kohaku's is.

Doitsu Platinum Koi with a Hi pattern, means "a Chrysanthemum in water", is the same as a Doitsu Hariwake with red markings or a metallic Doitsu Kohaku

Koi Breeders
There are no breeder profiles available for Koi Breeders that produce Kikusuis at this time.

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Koi & Pond Tip of the Day
February 9th, 2016
Pond skimmers are an excellent feature for a pond to help keep the pond clean and reduce maintenance. But the skimmer is not particular about what debris gets pulled in. If you have trouble with fish food or floating plants being pulled into the skimmer try using a fish feeder ring to contain the food or plants and keep them out of the skimmer.
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